A Few Things Recently

I've been busy lately, no longer hanging around and chilling with friends always. Don’t even have time to check Facebook news feed like how I used to do, just check notification and reply some comments on groups. Two more weeks to finals but I feel like I know nothing yet.. Argh, stress max!

A photo of me dolled up to celebrate boyfriend’s niece birthday.


(from latest to oldest)

#1 Accident
A P licence guy bang my car. He was driving fast and cut lane without looking at cars but gps. It was too late for him to slow down when he realize I honk him. It going to be worst if I didn’t try to avoid by cutting into another lane.  Have to send my babe to workshop for 2 days next week.. So today’s study plan failed..

Finally I’m approved to be a voter!
You may check your status and details here

It’s so tempting! But sadly finals is around the corner, will start to play after finals!
Fyi, I’m level 10 now. :D

My best companion to study. I’m fat and I know it! =p


New brake pads and skim brake disc
The original Honda brake pad have poor quality, it can withstand up to 250C only. So yea, my front brake pad cracked and I didn't realize until it scratch my brake disc. The 3rd party(It’s red in colour, I forgot what brand is it) brake pads that I replace for my rear wheel is even worst, it damage my brake disc and cause my car “jumping”(that’s not ABS for sure)  whenever I brake a lil’ harder. So I decided to change all the brake pads and skim brake disc one shot. EBC is definitely a good choice, it’s roughly about RM210/pair for front and RM180/pair for rear if I not mistaken. Cheaper and perform much better than Honda OEM. Feel more responsive after using this brake pads! 


Chill with boyfriend while waiting for my car.

Speed Trap
Saw a police hiding under flyover with a speed gun/detector in Kesas highway and I was driving around 10Xkmph while the speed limit is 90kmph. I’m worried about it and try few ways to check my summon. Thank god I didn't get any. Phew….

(I) Most efficient way is check by using SMS. It’s up-to-date but it cost 50cents.
Sent “Polis saman (your number plate)” to 32728

(II) Smartphone apps

(III) Rilek(Rangkaian Interaktif Laman Elektronik Kerajaan) website.
New Picture

Zhang Hui Mei concert
Went for the concert with boyfriend as he got free ticket from celcom.
Each ticket worth RM298 each and the parking fee cost RM20 each car.
We are not her fans and we leave slightly earlier to skip the jam!


Play around with cydia, installed NCSettings, color keyboard and change my Whatsapp to blue!


#10 Instagram
Last but not least, follow me on Instagram at @pennieyensun! 

(Sorry for the bad quality photo, all of them are took by using iPhone.)


  1. wow.. looks like so much things happening in your life recently.
    hope that everything is fine..

  2. Quite an eventful month lately huh? (: All the best for your finals!

  3. I didn't know we can check our summons through SMS LOL. Thanks for sharing... I guess haha

    Malaysian Review Site

  4. all in one post lol! Efficient much!

  5. such a interesting life u having now! so happy for u! :)

  6. How’s your car now, Pennie? I hope you got it fixed already. Accidents are a classic example of why you need a functional brake with superior grip to avoid much larger mishaps on the road. I usually change my brake pads after every 2000 km because brake pads are usually nearing its lifespan if not worn out at that moment. Stay safe on the road and good day! :)

    Enoch Ross