A Dream that Never Came True

Once upon a time..

There was a boy and a girl.

They were dating and loved each other.

However, due to circumstances and environment, they had an argument and the boy broke up with the girl.

One day, the boy went to the girl's home. They were still broken up.

It was silent and cold. Nothing has changed between them. The boy hoped and still hope for the girl to forgive him and return to his side.

The boy started to help the girl clean her home.

While cleaning, a freak accident happened. The boy tumbled and fell.

Amidst the chaos, the boy got magically sprayed by insecticide into his mouth.

The boy fainted...

As the boy regained consciousness, he noticed he was at a medical centre and saw the girl by his side. First thing he noticed was that the girl looked healthier, younger and prettier. He was confused.

The girl then explained to the boy that he fell into a coma, and it has been 20years since. And that she had been waiting, looking after and taking care of the boy since.

The boy was shocked and surprised. Yet felt overjoyed and blessed that the girl has been by his side waiting for him for 20years.

Upon getting out of his bed, he noticed all kinds of gadgets and equipments hovering around in the air of the room. The world has changed. Everything is technologically advanced. Everything was touch display operated.

The boy was surprised at how the world has progressed and advanced. The world the boy knew of was only of iPhones, iPads and tablets so forth for touchscreen devices.

The boy had tonnes of questions in his mind that he wanted to ask the girl. About her, his family and etc etc.

The girl slowly explained everything. She told the boy that she looks younger due to advancement in medicine. That the human race have found ways to stay young and healthy.

As it went on, the boy 's vision was gradually drifting off , noticing that he was starting to watch himself from a distance from up above in the sky. He immediately that he was watching himself in a dream. The boy was disappointed, however still kept hoping it was reality, continued watching on. He told himself to not wake from the dream as he was overjoyed that the girl did not leave him and waited for him for 20years.

However, the more he resisted to wake up from the dream, the more the plot of the dream started to sway. The boy eventually had to wake up from the one and only dream that he had truly and wholeheartedly wished for that was different as compared to the other recurring nightmares that he has been having for months, of the girl leaving him. He was left devastated and disappointed that it was all just a dream..

Until today, the boy misses the girl and wish that he has a time machine where he could turn back time to start all over. But now, only sadness and memories remains by his side...

I love you


By A Friend of Mine.