Delicious Food in Penang

Went Penang for vacation 2 weeks ago. Tried lots of delicious food and come back with a round tummy! OH NO, guilty max.. Chinese new year is around the corner, I bet I gonna grow even fatter soon. D: But I just can’t stop eating like a pig. <(>@<")>

Anyway, it’s time to share with you guys what I had for the first night in Penang!

#1 Squid, my favourite food in this trip!!

#2 Ikan Bakar (Grilled Fish)
  Ikan Bakar

#3 Pork and Mutton Satay. It’s very hard to find pork satay in KL.
  Pork and Mutton Satay

#4 Chee Cheong Fun with
Chee Cheong Fun 

Sorry for bad quality photo, they are took by using iPhone 3Gs instead of camera.

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  1. you picked those meal correctly! my all time favourite!