Arthur’s Day 2011

A photo of me in Arthur’s Day.
It was held in Speed City, which means outdoor. *Hotttt*
”Stole” my friend’s media pass and sneak into media lounge. *grins*
Drank a few pints of Guinness beer and I found it’s quite bitter. =S
So yea, stop drinking….

HenryTan, ShiiTeck, Me, Wilee, RyanMo, Kahmon, QianQian
Arthur's Day 2011

Thanks ShiiTeck for the invites. Because of him we got loads of tickets. *LoL*

There were lots of roadblocks when I was on the way home.
They stop me and ask me to open the bonnet for them to check my engine.
I think it’s weird that they want to check my car cause’ I didn’t add any body kit and just with a “duck tail” spoiler only.
It’s just a pure stock car!  =)

Will update other stuff soon!
Stay tuned.. ;)






PDRM Updates

New Picture

Received an email from PDRM remind me it’s time to renew road tax.
They will email you once you get any summon as well!
Quite convenient isn't it? ;)

Mooncake Festival

Celebrated Mooncake Festival with coursemates on last Monday. :D Headed to their hostel after dinner to play lantern! Aww..I totally couldn't recall when was the last time I play lantern. (LOL)
Fyi, all these photo are took by using my friend’s camera. :)

Mooncake Festival 01
The ACCA gang! =D
Mooncake Festival 02
Mooncake Festival 03
Mooncake Festival 04
Mooncake Festival 05
Mooncake Festival 06
Mooncake Festival 07
Mooncake Festival 08
Mooncake Festival 09

When 170 meets 196. =S
Mooncake Festival 10

We grow taller in few sec..!
Mooncake Festival 11

Mooncake Festival 12 
Mooncake Festival 13

Mooncake Festival 14 
A photo that spoil my image to the max. LOL, it’s okay..
Mooncake Festival 15
Borrow my friend’s spectacle to act nerdy.
Mooncake Festival 16 

A photo before we leave. Tired but enjoy max at the same time! ;)
Mooncake Festival 17

Tumblr & Blogger Pages

Hello peeps! I start using Tumblr since a few days ago.

Just finish customize the theme.
Took longer time compared to blogger cause’ I’m used to blogger CSS.

It’s very convenient for me to upload photos from my phone. =)
So yea, most of the photo that I post on Tumblr took by using my phone. Please excuse the low quality pictures. Sometime I wanna take picture but my camera wasn't with me so the only way is to take by using my phone. =S 

PennieYenSun's Tumblr

Did you notice something different on my blog?
Yes, I add few pages on my blog. Move the chatbox, profile and links to pages.
Looks much more tidy isn't it? :D

I customize them myself. I make the button myself as well!
Not grab from other webpage.

I just wanna make my blog simple and nice!
It’s a place to store my memories. <3

PennieYenSun's Blog

Starving in the Middle of the Night

Dave's Deli

You know wutt?! It’s almost 3am now, I couldn’t sleep & I’m HUNGRY to the MAX!
OMGeeee.. I seriously can’t live without food. Look at the Beef Lasagna and Roast Chicken Leg that I took few days ago makes me feel even worst. =’(
I need food, food, FOOD!!

It reminds me my stomach was making noise(I skip my lunch cause’ woke up late) in class 2days ago & it was quite loud! Feel so embarrassing but luckily people around me didn’t notice(erm.. maybe yes? Hee..). Just pretend like nothing happened & headed to the restaurant next to my uni right after class and fill up my stomach. LOL Everything seems so tasty when you’re hungry.

Okay, time to sleep. Gonna wake up early tomorrow for breakfast!

Chilling Saturday


Something different?
Yes, fisheye effect and it’s super wide. =D
Took it by using my Jeremy’s dslr.
Edit the tone by using Lightroom. Looks a lil’ vintage.

It’s a chillin’ Saturday, yumcha with a gang of friends at the afternoon.
A gang that in love with photography.
We talk about camera, lens, trying each other camera and skin care(LOL).
I realize it’s so easy to find a lens for dslr compared to four thirds camera(it’s either damn freaking expensive or manual focus).

Was playing with my friend’s camera.
Look at this! Love the bokeh effect max! <3
Took it by using Canon EOS 1000D + 50mm f/1.8 (ShiiTeck’s dslr).
(KTZ Restaurant at SS2)

Try out some presets on Lightroom for fun.
Photo of me and ShiiTeck. Took it while others busy chatting.
Still waiting for friend to send me other photos that I took with Jeremy, Jfook and Sharon. ;)

The innocent face. LoL 

Holiday ends!