Surprise Birthday Party

It was 11.11.11, a day that will only happen once in every thousand years and it’s a memorable day for me. Special thanks to ShenHsing for organizing the surprise party for me and prepare the dinner for us and my coursemate that came to my party! :D

The group photo IMG_2292


My friend lie to me that he going to bring few of us to try a new restaurant in Subang after class but ended up all my friends are waiting us in the house and sang birthday song to me! But I was like “……?” and keep asking whose birthday? Me, no. There’s another month to go? Who? Me? Huh? I continue asking til they finish singing. LOL

This is exactly what happened to me. HAHA
The awkward moment when friends singing birthday song to me

When we were playing Nintendo Wii dancing game. Weird, I know.. Heee!

Alright, will blog about birthday celebration with family after this. ;)







  1. So they actually celebrated your birthday a month earlier? O_O

  2. How are you going? I've just done with my degree woohhoo! Happy belated birthday

  3. early celebration because of the special date of 111111? cool one! your friends are awesome!


  4. Wow ! You celebrated your birthday a month earlier?! Cool ! =D

  5. Hilda Milda: Yeap, 1 month right before my birthday. :D

    Camy: Ya hehe thanks ^^

    Biopolymath: Fine here. Congratulation! :D Thanks yea!

    Fish: Yea, since it's a special day and 1 mth before my birthday. ;)

    Jayren: Yes Jayren! :D

  6. Happy Belated Birthday to You~~~ :D

  7. haha! so good of ur friends, celebrate ur b'day one month before ur actual birthday! means they always put u in mind :D