My Babe Out of Battery

Dolled up to go KL for Japanese buffet with friend. As usual, lag of sleep and I looks like a panda again..



I know that my car battery was about to dead cause’ it takes longer and longer time to start. I thought it could last until the next service so I don’t have to go service center twice. But who knows it was dead in KL! Thank god that my friend have the jumper cables to help me jumpstart my car, or else I gonna stuck in KL until my parents or my sister come to safe me.

My babe need “CPR”(jumpstart). lol OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA 

Some weird/funny names of the food I found.
Photo credits to my friend. :)
Drink & Feel, Better You Try, Feel & Think!IMG_1907-tile

Alright, just a short post before I go out for dinner. I got TONS OF PHOTO to upload and blog about but I got no timeeeeeeeeeeeee….

Exam is around the corner but I learn “nothing” for the past 4 months. I’m physically in the class but I left my soul on my bed! *Uhh….* As an acca student I know that it’s a must to study consistently but I just can’t change my “last minute attitude”! I will only start rushing like mad 2 weeks before exam. Thank god this coming exam is MOCK(trials) instead of finals, or else I will be GG-ed..


  1. All the best for your exam that's coming soon (:

  2. u need to learn how to change battery lor. The food name and the food itself doesn't relate at all! :P

    good luck in ur mock test. Don't slack ah! XD

  3. Thanks, Camy! :D

    Change myself?! *pfff* Freaking heavy you know! LoL Thank you!