Starving in the Middle of the Night

Dave's Deli

You know wutt?! It’s almost 3am now, I couldn’t sleep & I’m HUNGRY to the MAX!
OMGeeee.. I seriously can’t live without food. Look at the Beef Lasagna and Roast Chicken Leg that I took few days ago makes me feel even worst. =’(
I need food, food, FOOD!!

It reminds me my stomach was making noise(I skip my lunch cause’ woke up late) in class 2days ago & it was quite loud! Feel so embarrassing but luckily people around me didn’t notice(erm.. maybe yes? Hee..). Just pretend like nothing happened & headed to the restaurant next to my uni right after class and fill up my stomach. LOL Everything seems so tasty when you’re hungry.

Okay, time to sleep. Gonna wake up early tomorrow for breakfast!


  1. let's go eattttt! i need food tooo!

  2. Owh yes! Tell me when you come KL! I gonna bring you go EAT EAT EAT! XD