Arthur’s Day 2011

A photo of me in Arthur’s Day.
It was held in Speed City, which means outdoor. *Hotttt*
”Stole” my friend’s media pass and sneak into media lounge. *grins*
Drank a few pints of Guinness beer and I found it’s quite bitter. =S
So yea, stop drinking….

HenryTan, ShiiTeck, Me, Wilee, RyanMo, Kahmon, QianQian
Arthur's Day 2011

Thanks ShiiTeck for the invites. Because of him we got loads of tickets. *LoL*

There were lots of roadblocks when I was on the way home.
They stop me and ask me to open the bonnet for them to check my engine.
I think it’s weird that they want to check my car cause’ I didn’t add any body kit and just with a “duck tail” spoiler only.
It’s just a pure stock car!  =)

Will update other stuff soon!
Stay tuned.. ;)


  1. looked like funnn :)) If only I was legal HAHA

  2. If only i know people then i could go :( so lucky...

  3. Women and men in black that night :P Btw, you srsly looks like shiiteck in a quick glance heh

  4. Shuwen: Don't worry. You can join next time! =D

    Sabrina Cheong: You should have join the contest to get tickets! It's easy to get. ;)

    Hilda Milda: LoL means looks like bro and sis?

  5. muahahahaha... henry tan closed his eyes! XD so fun but no picture with u :(

  6. Henry: Sigh.. You were so busy that night. I don't care! I wanna take photo with you tmr! :D

    Mr Lonely: It's not clubbing, it's something like concert to celebrate Guinness anniversary..

  7. Hahaha but then if join contest not easy one sometimes, its just my luck

  8. Sabrina Cheong: Just have to add "Arthur" on your fb display name and post a status. lol