The Romantic City

Eiffel Tower Sunset

Paris, the city of love.


  1. really? romantic? haha.. i've been there.. but i don't think it's romantic :P

    you can read here -> Not So Lovely and Romantic Paris :)

  2. but the view at the top of Eiffel tower is really beautiful :)

  3. Ken: Aww.. A lil disappointed. But no matter how I wanna go! lol Thanks for sharing! Enjoy reading it. ;)
    "shirtless Mickey Mouse and pantless Donald Duck doesn’t make me excited" LOL!

    Jessy: Every girl feel like going, I think? =D

  4. I've been there too. But really like Ken Wooi said, not a romantic city. Some of the local unwilling to help and refuse to speak in English even they know how. But I do enjoy their Disneyland.

    You can check out my travel blog :D

  5. Go with the one you love then surely will be romantic lo

  6. Diana: Alright! Will check it out soon! ;)

    Tony: I will take LOADS of photo if I go next time! =p

    Cutebun: Agree! Hee..

  7. Camy: Wait for I be an accountant first. LoL