Recent Life

Gonna share some photo with you guys that I took recently. Most of them are took by using phone cause’ I’m kinda busy with my studies nowadays. Got no time for shopping and outings. So yea, I have to spend my raya holiday wisely. Teehee!

#1 A photo of me edit by using iPhone app(iDarkRoom). Post it first just incase you forget how do I look like. LoL
Pennie YenSun

#2 Headed to Genting Coffee Bean Study on day before exam with my classmates. My main reason for tagging along was to distract them. *grins* But end up….

#3 I get food poisoning from “White Chocolate Dream” and a friend diarrhea cause’ of it. Both of us miss the exam! The worst thing was the questions I spot come out for exam.  Sad MAX! =’(
Coffee Bean

#4 Continue to be a starbucks supporter! That’s my 2nd and last time for coffee bean. =S
Starbucks Coffee

#5 Accidentally burn my leg by the curler when I was curling my hair. Three stripes on my leg and it looks like “Adidas”. SIGH! Hope it never leaves a mark.

#6 The weather was freaking hot recently. There was once I parked my car very far away from my college and it’s about 15mins walk. Can you imagine walk under the hot sun totally without shade at the afternoon? It drives me crazy and my skin turns red after that.

#7 It rains heavily once after I wash my car. ==”

#8 Jam at the early morning.. *yawn*
Jam at the morning 

#9 “Ice Bowl” It’s similar to “Snowflake”. The special thingy is the egg pudding! Hee..
Ice Bowl

#10 What a coincidence! Me and my bestfriend get the same watch but different colour! =D
Gc Guess Watch

#11 Wear spec for a day because my eye are red. It’s due to lack of sleep and cause my eye dry..

#12 Roast chicken at Cinta Ria Restaurant.

#13 Tuna Sandwich at Cinta Ria Restaurant as well. ;)

#14 Had lunch with sister at Vary Pasta Restaurant. Miss the Beef Lasagna so much!

#15 Toufu Fa with Rice Ball. Fall in love with Toufu Fa recently! =D

#16 Buka puasa! More to come. Hehe Was heating up the food!

#17 Try a new restaurant at SS2 Mall but the food doesn't taste nice. So yea, not going to intro you guys about the restaurant. Just gonna share the photo cause’ it looks nice. ;)

#18 Teriyaki Salmon with Spaghetti.

#19 Caterpillar.

#20 Random photo I look in the restaurant.

There will be lots of updates after Raya break! ;)


  1. haha... sudah chop Adidas now. can be official ambassador :D

  2. Henry & Merryn: I don't wanna be branded as adidas! ='(

    Caroline: Thanks! ;)

  3. yay! instagram ftw! nice pics pennie! :)

  4. Jfook: The egg pudding really taste nice! =D But snowflake ice taste better. lol

    Henry: Thankiew! hehe I love that apps a lot! iPhone 3g photo quality sucks. Cant post it straight without edit..

  5. #19 Caterpillar?
    it's ladybird

    anyway, nice photos =)