ACCA Result

Result is out yesterday! So yea, good news to share! I’m kinda satisfied with the result although I didn’t pass with flying colours but I pass the paper which everyone expect to fail.
The happy face. X3

No doubt, that paper was very tough. Lots of students failed. Most of the student in the exam hall was staring at the paper for quite long. Everyone got no idea about what the question asking for and totally don’t know how to answer the first question. There were 5 questions given and we had to finish the paper in 3 hours time. I spend about an hour on the first question. *face palm* How am I gonna finish the paper on time? End up I blank the last question and it’s around 20 marks if I not mistaken. Every question are equally hard, can’t skip any question to answer other question first.

Whatever, it’s over. I don’t care as long as I PASS! I don’t wanna get a fail record in ACCA. Yes, they gonna record how many times you fail.. D= If you got no confident on passing that particular it’s better not to register for the exam. It cost £76 for each paper, which is RM373. What’s the point to waste money to register for the exam and get a fail record? So yea, make sure you are well prepared before register! ;)

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  1. Camy: Yup! Takin' ACCA. :)

    Henry: Thank you! =D

  2. err, got some ques to ask about it. u mind telling me? =).

  3. Sabrina: Thanks! Hehe

    Camy: Sure, what question? =)

  4. erm, if wanna become accountant, isit straight study acca? or need go for diploma or form 6? isit very very tough for it? and how much will it cost? sorry for asking so many ques, currently in form 5 and was thinking wanna be accountant, but dunno what to do >.<

  5. pass liaw lor! tahniah! lets go celebrate! :P

  6. Camy: If you make up your mind to take ACCA then you should take CAT straight after Form 5. After that you can proceed to ACCA year 2 straight away. If you take other foundation then you have to take Year 1 first but just 6mths. =) If you not sure whether you want to be an accountant you should take foundation then Degree. If you wanna get higher qualification after degree then you can consider take ACCA. Just have to take few more papers after degree cause' lots of paper are exempted. It's safer cause' not everyone like ACCA. And I'm struggling here.. No choice but to continue. Anyway, no regret taking this course cause' gonna get high pay after graduate. Hehe.. The fees very cheap larh! Less than RM40k to complete the course (if you dint fail any paper). You can check other college too, it gonna be cheaper. But sunway lecturer are better than other college. Hope it helps! =D

    Jayren & Munkey: Yay yay! Thanks! Let's celebrate together with me! Didn't see you guys for so long man! haha

  7. thanks pennie! it helps me real alot! cause last time when i say i wanna be accountant, people ask me go for ACCA. but no one explain really knows to me how it goes and what should i do and all. much clearer right now! ^^. i'm still not sure with what i wanna be, just confirm nothing do with science. so to me, maybe accountant is the first choice. if straight away take ACCA takes how long to complete? how long if go for degree then ACCA? erm, then if go for form 6? isit worth it? *form 6's account is in bm i think*

  8. You're welcome! :) But keep in mind. ACCA not just account. It just part of it. There are law, audit, tax, management paper as well!

    Owh ya, they got no CAT anymore. They change it to FIA(Foundation in Accounting) since this sem. It's easier that CAT cause' it's all MCQ(multiple choice question) but you gonna suffer during ACCA cause' ACCA got no MCQ at all. :(

    FIA (1year) + ACCA (2yrs). 2years is fastest but normally ppl wont graduate that fast. Not because they fail, it's because they take 2 papers instead of 3 papers a sem so that they can focus on 2 paper instead of fail some paper or get low marks.

    If you ask me.. I'll definitely ask you "DONT GO FORM 6". Such a waste of time(I think LARH). LoL cause' you have to wait 6mths for spm result and study Form6 for 1&half year. Which means a total of 2years. If you go for foundation it just take 1year.

    Since you Form 5 now so dont have to decide whether you wanna take acca or degree now. If you can't make up your mind just take foundation first. Then you can choose degree or ACCA later. If you take FIA then you got no choice but to take ACCA. Lots of ppl drop ACCA halfway. So yea, think TWICE! :D

    Foundation(1year) + Degree (3 years) + ACCA (?). It depends on which degree you taking and they will give you exemption on certain paper. As an ACCA student I suggest you to take this way cause' you can enjoy your uni life! ACCA student life sucks to the max(I'm serious). You can start working after Degree and take ACCA as part time. So you don't have to worry that you need to study so many years. Haha!

    That's just my 2 cents, hope it helps. :) Heh!

  9. gosh, i love you la.woops. u seriously tells me every details of it! Thanks real lots!!!!
    actually i dun want to go form 6, but my dad ask me so cause he scare that i'm not sure with what i wanna study yet =X.
    owh, then can it be like after foundation for 1 year then straight go for ACCA?
    isit not all college or uni offers ACCA course wan right? only certain right? any recommended college or uni other then sunway? i heard that UTAR is good too? isit?

  10. You're welcome, dear. ;)
    I think 1 year should be enough for you to decide which course to take right? LoL
    Yeap, if you take foundation then you need to take ACCA year 1 which is 3 papers(F1,F2,F3). It's MCQ, wont be hard. So dont worry! =)
    Not sure about that. I only know sunway got highest passing rate all the time and they got platinum status for few years ady.

  11. owhh. okayy. i'll discuss with my parents and see. ;) okay okay. cause i'm staying in penang. that's why looking for which one better and all. thanks again! seriously thanks alot!

  12. I see. If you wanna study in sunway then you gonna think about living and accommodation expenses. It gonna be very high! Welcome. ;)

  13. yea. that's the reason i was thinking to go which college or form 6.