Holiday Ended, New Semester Begins


Holiday ended, I’m back to college life again. :D
Spend my whole holiday with trips and outings.
One word to describe it,

But I’m tired max at the same time. Didn't rest since 2 weeks before exam.
Should have stay home for few days before class start. :’(
Totally got no time to rest now. My timetable sucks to the max!
It would be good if I could pause the time and SLEEP as long as I want.
As you can see from the photo, I looks like a PANDA now!
A panda with a double eyelid and a single eyelid. Weird..

Force to wear long sleeve and jeans cause’ my skin damn dark and uneven now.
Face to shoulder are fair, hands are dark and legs freaking dark!!
Safe me please!

Last but not least, I so happy to be same class with JUNNI again! :D
She’s one of my best friend since first semester and my only korean friend!
LOL Miss her so much! ♥

Good hair day! =)

A friend intro me a restaurant in Kelana Jaya.
The food is delicious and it has a nice and relaxing atmosphere. ;)
The Signature Chicken Chop.


  1. Hi Pennie~
    The Signature Chicken Chop look nice, what is name of the restaurant?
    Happy new semester

  2. haha new semester with new post :P

  3. i have one more week till holiday finish. Rmb to keep the momentum of study