This is what are we doing during holiday!!

Holiday Routine

As you can see from the photo above, we are keep FACEBOOK-ING. I stop updating facebook for quite some time. Just play some games and upload some photo when I got nothing better to do. But SPAMMERS are all around facebook! Who are they? My classmates! After I upload 200 of our trip photos they start like and comment on most of the photo. OMGeee! They are CRAZYEEE! Receive 68 notification in the next morning. Likes, comments, wall post and massages. Luckily facebook group all the comments and likes, or else I gonna die for checking all of them one by one. x.x

But since it’s holiday now I gonna be crazy like them for once! >=) So yea, 10 of us start to spam. 200 over comments in an hour’s time. Crazy people! LOL

Facebook Status  

  I didn't update status for so long man! Reason?
Do I have to tell the whole world about what am I doing all the time?! =)


10 more days to new semester and I’m going for another trip next week. Plan to rest during this holiday but ended up spend all my time on outings! But it’s okay, I’m having FUN!! =D

Alright, that’s all for now. Will update about the trip and events as soon as possible!

Took it on Wednesday, it was PINK DAY!!

Bye! <3

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