I Believe

I’m a little moody right now.
Feel tired and stress.
Besides that, I’ve come to realize that I extremely scared of lonely.
I gonna be moody when I’m alone that’s why I’m surrounded by friends always.

Tired of facing the same problem again and again.
I swear this gonna be the last time. I will never let it happen anymore.
I believe that I made a right choice. I’m not going to turn back even it’s wrong.
You might think that I’m stubborn but I gonna go for it as long as I’m happy.
Even I gonna be suffer for choosing this path,
I’m not going to change my mind,
I’m not going to drop a single tear.

I don’t have to cry when I’m sad,
I don’t have to show that I’m pissed when I’m angry,
But I’m not going to hide my smile and laugh when I’m happy. =)

Everyone have their own problems.
You’re not the only one.
Think of the child in Africa.
Think of those who lose their homes due to natural disaster.
Think of those who suffer from serious disease.
You are not the worst, appreciate what you have.
Be grateful ♥

Alright, time to update about what I did lately.
”Camp” in college most of the time to do revision for finals.
Time flies, 2 more days to my first paper! Wish me luck! ;)

Everyone are so excited about Tioman trip.
Seremban, Malacca, Tangkak & Kluang. WOW!
We keep discuss about it when we doing group study.
We ended up discuss about the trip for few hours instead of study and go for dinner after that.
Found few nice restaurant and cafe in Subang.
Gonna upload loads of photos after exam. =D
Love dessert MAX! ♥

Save me please! Imma totally in holiday mood now.
Looking forward for all the trips and activities!
My schedule almost full.
Why my semester break must be so short?
Just 2 weeks! Totally not enough!
Can it be longer please? TeeHee!

Last but not least. Share few photos with you guys that I took in Genting last week!


Yours truly, WanEr & Shirley.


All the best for all ACCA students! =D


  1. finally a beautiful decent smile with teeth ;P

  2. All the best for your final ! and be happy always ya ! =D