The Way You Love


Choose to love in silence.
Whenever you feel like sharing your feelings, he will never be there.

Choose to love in loneliness.
Whenever you need his presence, his phone is always dead.

When everything falls apart
you are just waiting a call that will never comes.

Try to love without expectation.
But end up you realize that’s impossible.
You wish he could love you more,
make you feel his love, secure & treasured.

Love with thousands of forgiveness.
The same thing happen over and over again.
Disappoint you all the time but you will never leave him.

If you really love something, set it free.
If it comes back it’s yours, if it’s not it wasn’t meant to be.

Tomorrow you will open your eyes and see the world in a new light.

p/s: Random thought, not my current feelings or situation.


  1. One of the nice blog i've seen keep it up ^^

    was checking out for your fd2 but ended up read mostly everything lol =X besides you're an eye catcher in every photo haha.

    saw ur wishlist and u wanted to respray ur car to white ;D
    having a white fd1 unfortunately not fd2 tsk! nway having it for only a month and taking car of it really a pain -__-" once rain watermark yay~ gg-fied so yea keep it black and black gives you a beautiful reflection on its paint well like the owner :P

    cheers :D

  2. Thanks for your compliment. =)

    Nothing special with my FD2. Just a black one. LoL If I not mistaken you from 8genclub right?

    White looks nice, black looks cool. I love both of them. White will get dirty easily but the stone chips on black car are very obvious. Sigh Not much diff between FD1 and FD2. Unless you're comparing with FD2R. LoL Mine will get dirty easily too. It will turn from black to grey after rain.

  3. Haha yeah from 8genclub. Your blog link was there, was wondering what kind of super modified fd a pretty girl like u driving ;P *start searching for picture ended up reading post by post* -__-" blame ur pics lol!

    FD2R drove one before, yeah its a hell of a ride but then for power its definitely manual >.> not suitable for city ride when its jammed up so normal auto fd xD. Fd2 have paddle shift so how often do you use it? :P mine is a S-L version only engine of R18 and no ambient light *romantic mood* pfft~

    Black and white are the 2 colors that is hard to take care of. Great taste comes with great responsibility lol.

  4. I din't mod my car. But planning to change my headlamp to the eagle eye with "eyeliner"(something like A4 headlamp). Poison by lots of club members. They ask me to change the suspension & etc.. But I'm just a college student. Can't afford to mod too much. lol!

    Exactly, manual is not suitable for city. That's why most of them who own a FD2R will have a daily car. Paddle shift useless. The feeling of driving manual and paddle shift are totally different! S-L version? Do you mind to describe more about it? =)

    No choice, I don't like silver. Too common. LoL

  5. Haha yeah plenty of poison out there for FDs and its tempting us -.- they think us college student alot money o0o keep trying to poison. i also college student but now awaiting for professional exam result T_T best thing is not only those salesman who want to poison, my friends who know i getting the car also start bombarding me with links for fd modification when i haven't even gotten the car swt dao!

    but i think just small touch up on the car to improve overall car performance can la. eg Pivot. Wow change suspension for what haha they really want poison u lol! u drive race car :D
    How about bodykit? my SA include CTR bodykit for me though. i saw duck tail on your fd ;P

    Wow "eyeliner" makeup term for the car! but yeah "eagle eyes" or also called "running light" its really eye-catching. haha same thoughts here i also would like to change my headlamp but mine is Fd1 so need to change eagle eyes with projector headlamp. Have you seen "angel eyes"? well eagle eyes look better though :O

    FD2R is just to "pai leng" and for weekend drive when not many cars around besides now petrol also increase for Ron97 really pain @@ i'm using Ron97 soon need to change to 95.

    Civic only have paddle shift *click2* don't have the feel, Mits Lancer / Inspira have paddle shift and gear shift also give slightly better feeling ~.~

    Lets see S-L is almost same as 2.0 except for the engine, blue ambient light, HID , 17inch rims , hydrohilic door mirror , paddle shift >.> sigh so much difference to list *depressed* your fault T_T

    How about Gold and Blue color? or the Civic Hybrid blue (skyblue) which looks weird haha!

  6. Your reply are so damn freakin' long. Like reading essay. LoL

    Why you want to get a FD now? New model going to launch soon and our FD gonna be outdated. SIGH!

    Exactly! They thought I'm driving FD2R. LoL No point to mod that much for my car. No matter how I mod it wont be as good as FD2R. They say I always tail them but HELLO? How a FD2 tail a FD2R. SWT....

    "Angel eyes"? What's that?

    I got no choice but to pump RON97 cause' mine is 2.0. *sad* Can't speed anymore.

    Gear shift at least better than paddle shift. Before I get my car I thought it would be fun but end up. =="

    Omg, I rather choose black. LOL

  7. My bad long winded. No more essay writing. *revenge* Your writings are formal LoL! used to write like you but now i wonder what happened -.-

    Did you see the 9th gen civic pictures? as in not the concept real life pictures of it. I prefer the current one therefore i bought it before they change to the new model.

    I sense confession of a speedaholic! haha but yea must as well keep the money for better use right ^^ who are "they"? they are just pulling your legs haha!

    Google "civic fd angel eyes" its not as nice as eagle but acceptable lol!

    2.0 can't pump ron95? Its compatible actually but its up to you though. If you see there's difference in power and FC.

    Haha nvm la! think of the jam and imagine you're driving manual. *clutch* *clutch* i got a 2nd hand manual satria just for the sake of keeping in touch with my manual balancing skill xD.

    Why black T_T you are a fan of jessica black right! LoL!

  8. Same here! I prefer the current one. But the 9th gen looks like city.

    Those taikor in the forum! Everytime I go for TT they sure poison me to the max! LOL

    Not bad. But I prefer eagle eye. ;)

    Quite big different actually. RON97 save more fuel but after they increase the price to RM2.70/l then different story already. But I don't feel like letting my babe drink RON95. T.T

    I try to drive my cousin bro manual vios but failed badly. So nvm LARH! (Comfort myself) LOL

    Black looks mysterious, cool and fierce. *grins*

  9. Totally agree! it really looks like a new Honda City (front & side) and the rear its old model design car.

    LoL! they want to turn you to taikarche ma so poison you with everything :D but i bet you're thinking about it *angel & devil pops out*

    angel : resist temptation my dear~
    devil : wahahha! cmon do it!!

    Eagle Eye gang :D haha but gotta wait till warranty over lo *resist*

    Never tried Ron95 before? some taikor tried used both saying there's no difference but now Ron97 burn hole in your pocket. Nvm hi dad~ :D

    LOL knew it ;P i was wondering can you drive manual or not hahaha! *pats head* give candy. Its ok slowly gain back that skill xD

    No debate on that it does give such impression :D
    Heard before of "Jessica Black" song named "Friday"?! *shivers*

  10. Impossible! I'm the youngest and the only girl there. LoL

    Which means you have to wait for 3 more years. HAHA

    But RON95 it's not good for the engine right?

    Heard before. Lots of ppl post it on FB. lol

  11. There aren't any rules stating young girl can't be "taikarche" haha!

    Yeah slowly wait which its good in a way! when ppl promote/recommend stuff can just say car under warranty :D keep them quiet lol!

    I don't think there's any statement to confirm that. Its a never ending debate if you try to compare the fuel, nevertheless you can try it out once.

    Use up your current Ron97 till depleted, then pump Ron95 for Rm50 or so on just to test. Power , FC and any other differences.

    Haha still wondering why she can become famous -.-

    Aww this post where we use to chat is going down down down lol!

  12. I rather be a "follower". LOL!

    But I thought RON95 will damage the engine?

    Who famous?

    Yea right! Keep replying each other here. Haha

  13. Why be a follower when you can be a leader?! heard before that phrase? hahaha!

    Nope it won't damage the engine. HM engineers in Kah Motor and Glenmarie also say no such thing @.@ i think only difference in power & fc haha!

    I'm famous -.- need knock your head with hammer! never read my essay!

    Will do haha! unless hmm FB, msn lo. But then i'd prefer to keep my "face problem" from you ceh! lol!

  14. I wanna keep "low profile". HAHA!

    Power definitely different. Really won't damage the engine?! I should pump RON95 then. It really burn my purse man! x.x

    Ahh! Jessica Black. LOL

    ==" No such thing....

  15. Low profile lets drive a kancil :D LOL!

    Nope won't damage engine, read several discussion in forum, ppl used for 4 years also no problem, only use Ron97 for overseas travel lo.

    Tht why really need hammer you -.- ask who famous somemore lol

    Hmmm why'd u say no such thing?! i got 3 eyes, no nose, *insert more*

  16. Right! Don't drive FD then. =p

    Alright, if the price of RON97 increase again I gonna pump RON95 already. HAHA!

    Don't hammer me. T.T People blur wad~~

    Non-sense! LoL Add me on FB. We FD kaki. ;)

  17. Yeap! best solution so mali-mali give me your FD :D

    Then if Ron95 increase?! pump what?

    Its a must to "unblur" you! i'm doing you a great favor you should thank me *grins*

    Malas! your FB got over 4k friends, i will be then soon to be forgotten T_T

    Oh yea, 8thgen trading area calling out for you to buy "eagle eye" LOL!

  18. RON95 never increase but RON97 keep increasing! And I freaking broke now. Huhu....

    Noooo.. Later I masuk tanjung rambutan..!

    ....? Go my profile but don't add. ==? Btw, did you go TT with 8gen members?

    My friend told me 1k ytd. 8gen offer how much?

  19. Actually if Ron95 increase i think it be worse because everything else will increase.

    Don't worry I'll be there to visit you or instead i can help you with physical therapy (Physiotherapy) lol!

    Yeah its called peep and run haha!
    Nope so far no TT attended, poison avoided lol jking!

    Oh 1k better. 8gen someone selling at 1.1k.

  20. Pray for it don't increase. My purse kosong ady. LoL

    Psychology student? Haha

    Owh no! You should join man! It's very fun! But all of them driving FD2R and 1 is driving RR. I'm the so call the only FD2 and BLACK car owner. Feel so ODD.

    Gotta save first. My parents don't allow me to mod my car. "Want to mod then pay yourselves larh!" ==" T.T

  21. Haha pray that government don't pull back the subsidy or else suffer.

    Nope its physiotherapy student, soon to be ex after result out T.T

    What so bad about black FD2? Sure or not all FD2R? No FD2 or FD1 mod exterior look like FD2R? Wow Red RR? Not bodykit right hahaha!

    LOL! so sad but all parents also the same -.- "no money go work" T.T

  22. Real FD2R and RR! Malaysia got 5 RR only. It's damn cool! All white and 1 red. And I'm the only black. haha

    Expected! LOL I never ask extra allowance from them. I rather work hard to get what I want instead of see their "face colour". haha

  23. Wow cool! its like an aquarium you rear 9 goldfish, 8 gold 1 black. Feng shui LOL!

    What parents do best right? Besides i wonder all those taikor having all the "geng" car and mods. Where their cash come from T.T

  24. Huh? Got such thing? LOL!! 8 gold 1 black. But they white!

    They working and they all above 25. HAHA The daikor 29 haha!

  25. Yarr got such thing! In Feng Shui, the number 8 represent prosperity meaning wealth & luck, and the black one absorb bad luck ;P
    Never mind we put it White = Goldfish
    Black = Blackfish , Red = MPSJ LOL!

    Wah no wonder! all of them quite successful. So aunty, how old are you? xD

  26. MPSJ is red colour?! LoL Means I gotta absorb bad luck. =,(

    Aunty going to be 21 this year. Going to get GOLD Key okay! LOL

  27. Ori RR is red so it doesn't really belong. Hmm so MPSJ = sucker fish that cleans the aquarium ;P
    Yeap you play a major role should be honour! LOL!

    Awww but long way more end of this year ;P too bad i already gotten mine haha!

  28. LOL Bandaraya~
    OMG! Hell no! haha

    It's okay. I still can say that I'm "20". HAHA XD

  29. Yeap Bandaraya! RR beats all so it was given the role Bandaraya to "sweep all" ;P

    Enjoy "20" while it last right haha!
    After that parents "tendang" T.T

  30. Haha! RR damn cool! =D

    Tendang what?

  31. Yeap RR is cool but you are way cooler! Black absorb everything, fear the black yo! LOL!

    Tendang you keluar dari rumah! haha but fortunately in Msia this won't happen but they will start to use the word "responsibility" alot!

    I last year Nov till uncountable i came across that word in speeches -.-

    Yay~ reached 30 comments haha

  32. Nah! Mine just a black noob car compared to them. LOL

    After I grad I will try to work in oversea. I tendang myself keluar. HAHA!

    Right, 1 ppl contribute 15comments. LOL

  33. Aww so humble! Fine I'm will call you noob from now on?! HAHA

    Overseas as in where? Singapore or Australia?

    Though its not really comment about your post but chatting with you here instead ;P

  34. =p No, cannot.

    Dubai! No tax. LOL

    Ya, and it suppose to be an emo post. Haha

  35. Then call you what?! I thought black noob car so owner must be also black noob owner? So can la hahah!

    Hmm agree agree! But you everyday eat Indian/Pakistani & Arabic food when dealing with client xD!

    Should change it to "AnonymousAd" post :D so what are you emo-ing about? about bf? :O

  36. I'm chinese means yellow! Not black kay! LOL

    But come back with few k of usd per month WITHOUT TAX!

    I'm single k. ==" It's a random post as stated there. haha

  37. But but black is mysterious, cool and fierce. So how about yellow? noob, nerdy and naughty? :D

    Hahaha you want tax free money you go youtube type "Rich Window Cleaner" lol!

    o0o valuable information given out *grins* but still emo or else you won't be able to pull that off xD

    No Bieber fever for you?! lol!

  38. Yellow skin LARH. Don't have to think so much. LOL

    Owh that video! Damn cool right? Haha

    It's a schedule post! X)

    Bieber? Hmm.. No thanks. haha

  39. HAHA! ok don't emo! not thinking much =X but hmm.. yellow...yellow...dirty...fellow?!

    Yeah its cool! so lets go around and clean window :D tax free money haha!

    Schedule post?! so when is the next post about me? :O haha! i thought bloggers post only whenever they felt like it.

    Thanks to Bieber, whole KL is jammed up.

  40. SWT! You're the one who think too much!! LOL

    Owh no. Malaysia very hot LARH! haha

    Depends. Haha I will pre-blog some post when I free. If I got nothing to post and din't update for too long then I'll update those post. =)

    HAHA! I don't care abt Bieber. I stay in PJ. No biggie for me. XD

  41. I'm thinking on behalf of you! so thank me :D

    Hmm you're so fair so look at the bright side you get free tanning service, free work out, and cash! kill 3 bird with one stone! how cool is that LOL!

    I'm not surprise that suddenly the next post is about Bieber totally contradict what you said LOL!
    Owh no big deal for me too Subang here :D but every morning jam yay!

    Happy Easter & Good Friday ;) no meat!

  42. Don't blame me if you grow any white hair. Haha

    Face fair only. My hand damn dark. LoL

    Subang housing area very jam. My friend stay in subang took longer time to sunway college compared to me. HAHA

    Roti Canai only!! XD

  43. Will blame you and ask for compensation! >=O

    Face covered by your long hair like the scary movie "The Ring"! Hand i think normal no comment on that.

    Agreed! Yes its very jam. The roundabout is a disaster, takes forever to move.

    Same gang roti canai -.- no feel lol! You're a catholic or protestant? :)

  44. Dream on. HAHA

    My fringe can't cover my face. lol

    I won't pass by the roundabout unless I go SS15. *grins*

    I really ate roti canai for dinner last night. haha


  45. "dreaming" that you'll compensate me Rm1k per strain of hair :D but its alright i don't have any white hair so far but i suspect you do! lol!

    Your fringe cover your eyes, flip your back hair forward it will do a fantastic job but everyone will run from you!

    I will only use the ss19 way if i do go to ss15. Roundabout only during non-peak hour.

    I skipped lunch, ate roti planta + milo ice then off to church at 7.30.

    So you are very active in church youth activities :O

  46. Don't worry. Mine original is dark brown and i dye it to ash brown now. HAHA

    I will try during Halloween party. X)

    You are christian as well? I see. LOL nope.

  47. Sigh my hair is black -.- envy those natural brown hair. Used to highlight red but due to hospital rules not allowed =X dye or highlight?

    Haha! would love to see that! hmm all of your pictures doesn't show teeth. Show me your teeth! open wide!

    Yeah but catholic, baptized when baby, sunday school till form 4 confirmation end of it ;) current status only attend mass =X

  48. Dye, I don't highlight. LoL

    Looks weird with big wide smile. =="

    HAHAHAHA Very honest huh.

  49. What so bad about highlight? it won't last though haha! smooth hair or rough hair hmmm

    Is it? Once in a while have to show teeth! then you can go "grrrr" :D

    ISH what so funny?! RAWR! Yeap very honest >.< well i'm not that active originally. Was from St Ignatius church when young.

  50. Nothing wrong. Is just I don't like to highlight my hair. LoL

    GRRR? LOL I gonna be very scary when I angry. XD

    It's good to be honest! haha

  51. Haha well atleast dye will give you the insurance that your hair won't turn back to your natural hair color when u wash it xD!

    *.* totally fail i can't imagine it so sue me LOL!

    Aww pity chubby's ass! yeah someone did not take care of the ass properly! >=O lol jking! clean up his favorite place and keep him indoors for the time being.

    Yeap being honest is good but also sometimes bad like "hi mum, i skipped class" *mum turns to super saiya - dragonball"

  52. Used to dye it to light colour and I want dye it to darker brown but it fade damn fast and get back to "gold" hair everytime. Omg.. So I keep dye darker and daker but not black of course!

    Don't waste my $$. haha

    I bath it and clean the cage every week. T.T Erm ya, I keep it in my living room.

    Dragonball? LOL

  53. Awww come to the dark side! black is cool! black is myterious! black is sexy! dark side have cookies come come =3

    See even you have no confident you are not scary ;P

    Well then chubby's ass is in good hands don't have to worry lol!

    Ya with the golden hair spiking up, then do "kame hame ha scolding" one hit KO!

  54. Hey, anyway i would definitely love to have your number if thats alright :) well for indefinite disturbing purpose lol!

    will pm-ed you in facebook, i guess its about time to show the monstrous 3 eye & no nose alien lol!

  55. Sorry, I won't simply give my number to anyone. But you're welcome to join the next TT for civic club. =)

    Nice to meet you.

  56. Awww alright haha! was hoping to get to know you better ^^ well as an individual person rather than a club haha.

    Yeah its a pleasure to meet yourself too :)

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