Aww! Look at his sleepy face, haven’t fully wake up from anesthesia.
Force to wear that elizabethan collar to prevent it from biting the stitches.

I found a wound at Chubby’s ass last week and it was bleeding. I was shocked and send him to the vet straight after that with my sister. Totally got no idea about how it happen, the doctor told me it might because of infection. The wound was really deep and lots of pus inside of it. Ouch, it must be very pain. =,( Sorry boy, I didn't take good care of you. =(

The doctor said Chubby must go for operation to clean the wound and stitch it so I have to leave him there for a night. He never leave home for a day, I’ll remember the moment when I leave him alone in the clinic forever. He must be thought that I gonna abandon him. I can see it from his face. Can you imagine how sad it was? *heartbreak*

Pick my babyboy up from the veterinary clinic on the next day. He was showing a sad face when the vet carry him out from the room. He must be suffering and missing home badly. Finally I see his smile after he get into car. He know we are heading home, I guess? =)


You might have the entire world.
Your friends, family, partner, job, studies, etc..
But what your pets have is you.
You are the one and only for them.
Never abandon them.
They are not a toy, they are part of your family.
Love them like how you love your family.
Love them like how they love you.

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