First Accident

Happy April Fool
Peeps! Don’t worry!
It just an April Fool post. =p
My babe is fine, squeeze clean and park in front of my house now!
The photo below is not my car, grab it from somewhere as you can see there’s no watermark on it.
Don’t angry ya!

Most unlucky day ever in my life.
I couldn't describe how sad am I right now.
I was speeding on the left lane and the vios cut to my lane from right lane.
It’s my fault for speeding in left lane or the vios cut into my lane without looking at the side mirror? I don’t know….
Going to claim his or my insurance? I don’t know.
All I know now is “I don’t know.”
My babe going to overnight in the police station tonight.
Gonna borrow a car from my sister until my babe come back to me.

Babe, I miss you so much. Sorry.


  1. for this kind of car, ur insurance shld b can claim for both party, ur car and that stupid vios.
    take car of ur

  2. :p wat's Ur car plate number wo? And d vios' ??
    2day Sat... Got 4d draw la. Mai zao gai!!!