Say Goodbye to Exam

Trying to act young with the Minnie but I don’t think it helps. LOL

Say BYE to exam! WOOHOO!!
Was studying in library yesterday and surprisingly that I finished the whole stack of notes(approximately 2inch) in 6 and half hours time! First time ever I study so freakin’ fast and study continuously for 6 and half hours. Yea, I know most of you can but not me. I’m definitely not that kind of people that can sit still in the library and study.

Pimples pop up again due to lack of sleep. Zzz…
As you can see from the photo, even make up can’t help to cover it. SIGH
My double eye lid gone and my eye bag make me look like a panda,
I gonna sleep for 10hours per day from now on! Shoo shoo!! Go AWAY!!

Whoops! Time to sleep!
Will try to update more soon.

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