Past 3 weeks

Finally I’m here to update my blog. Gonna blog about what I did on past few weeks. Since I’m very tired right now I just gonna make it short. Will update more on the next post! =)

1. Busy preparing for exam
Was having progress test last week. Stay back after class with friends to study for a week. Leave college around 1am everyday and reach college at 8 o’clock for class on the next morning. EXHAUSTED!

2. Addicted to Fruit Ninja, Cut the Rope and Angry Bird
I’m trying to beat my friend’s highscore in Fruit Ninja. I wonder how he score 1000+ in arcade mode. It’s twice of my highscore!

Cut the Rope 2Cut the RopeIMG_1373Fruit NinjaAngry Bird

3. Watch
Since I lost my Gc Diver Chic Watch I gonna get a new watch by myself. Spotted Gc Sport Class Lady when I was shopping in The Curve last week. But before this, I gonna save for my G12…. I want G12 so BADLY!

Gc Sport Class Lady

Most of my friends know I <3 food more than anything. I spend most of my allowance on food, no joke. That’s the reason I complaint that I’m broke always without buying anything. I might say NO if you ask me for shopping. But I gonna say YES for sure if you ask me to HUNT FOR NICE FOOD! Headed to Kajang for dinner with classmates, KL Imbi road for Fried Kueh Teow with Sliced Beef(姜葱牛肉河) and Oversea restaurant at KL Imbi road to celebrate mum’s birthday last week. Btw, I’m eating fruits now while blogging! *I just can’t stop eating*
Headed to My Elephant at SS17 for lunch on this afternoon. Fyi, the lunch menu are different with dinner. (click to view my previous post)

5. Headlamp.
Awesome? Planning to get this for my babe.

Civic Audi Headlamp

6. TT Session.
Join TT session for the first time. Met few Type R, a double R and few Subaru driver. I'm the only one who driving 2.0s. It was my first ride in a Type R. It's damn powerful and perform very good in cornering. They complaint that it's very bumpy but I'm fine with it. They explain the features of Type R to me and now I know what's the reason for getting Type R instead of luxurious car. Looking forward to join them for track and cruise. It would be a great experience!! Btw, thanks Chee Wai for the ride and Marv for inviting me to the TT session.
No photo were taken. Join them straight after class that night and I'm lazy. Should've take some photo of their cool ride. R & RR, my dream car.

Thanks Chee Wai for sending me the photo of his car!
Civic Type RCivic Type R (2)

7. Bag
Finally I found a bag to replace the bag that I used to carry to college everyday. I have been using one of my favourite bag to college fill with my pencil case, calculator and loads of stuff for months. *Heartache* It’s okay, I can keep it for shopping now. Love the colour combinations of black, gold and red. Btw, it just cost me about 100 bucks.

I’m carving for fondue. Anyone wanna share with me? I don't think I able to finish the whole thing! LOL


9. Badminton match
Headed to SS2 Kayu to chill with friends and watch badminton match. Congratulation to Datuk Lee Chong Wei!! Finally he beat Lin Dan! Malaysia boleh!!
Share a roti tissue with 4 of them!

Photo was taken by Henry Lee.
Roti Tissue Besar

10. Straighten & Dye my hair
I’m missing my previous hairstyle. Should've go for relaxing instead of straightening. It’s just too straight for me. My mum said finally I looks like an ACCA student now. SIGH! Dye my hair for the third time this year. Gonna dye for the forth time soon cause’ I don’t really like this colour.

- Few pending posts to go! -
Stay tune. Nights peeps!

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