Orang Utan

23 January 2010

3rd day in Kuching.

Actually we went to this place on the 2nd day but sadly we missed the feeding time at the morning 9 to 10. The next feeding time start at 3pm and clash with the crocodile feeding time. So yea, we decided to go Crocodile farm and come again on the next day.

Welcome to Semenggoh Wildlife Centre!

RM3 per person.

With my LOVELY handsome cousin brother. LOL

He ask me to act like MONKEY. But failed badly. HAHA


The 2 “Orang Utan”. SWT!
”Memperxiasuikan” myself. (This is what my friend taught me.)

The brother and sister! =D

My cute cousin sister!

Giving us instruction. KEEP 5M DISTANCE AWAY FROM ORANG UTAN!!












Mum and the baby orang utan!



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