Lesson Learned, Don’t get Drunk

Last night was my 6th time to go for clubbing and it’s my worst day ever in my life. First time ever I got DRUNK! Never expect that I’m gonna get drunk. The last 5 times was I take care people and I drive cause’ everyone was drunk included guys. But it’s my turn now.

Make-up for that night. Most successful ever with false lashes.
(Normally fail badly..)

Close-up for the eye make-up. Love the false lashes max!
(Click to enlarge)

Lost 2 favourite stuff in a night. My Guess watch that I wear everyday and Charles & Keith heels. I just wore it twice! Damn it! Cost me more than 1k!!!! Btw, I lost my bracelet as well.

The left heels.

Sigh! Never mind, be positive. At least my iPhone, camera and other accessories are still with me.

Was really drunk last night, totally black out. My friend said I didn't do anything funny or whatever. Just sleep like a pig. =(00)= GOSH, lose my image. Lots of dramas last night, people get drunk and talk nonsense, quarrel and simply run here and there. I missed all the dramas, just sleep a side with a friend taking care of me.

Woke up around 9 at the morning, feel dizzy and vomit like shyt. Stomach from flat to curve in. Check my phone and notice there’re loads of message and missed calls. Busy reply message and call back everyone after that. And I realize that lots of bruises on my leg. Michelle told me that I keep falling down last night. *Face palm*

Last but not least, thanks peeps for taking care of me last night! Appreciate it max! =)

p/s: other photos still with my friend.


Don’t get drunk again!!


  1. Eh, don't drink too much. It's bad for your health. =D

  2. Once in my life time. It wont happen anymore! LoL

  3. Haha...good experience and lessons..=)..everything should try before..

  4. But this lesson is too expensive! Sad..

  5. I did get drunk but not to the extend of what you've described (falling, vomiting, ...). But still, nothing beats being alert and in control at all times!

  6. I totally black out. Just sleep at a side after that. SIGH! It's very dangerous to be drunk. Learned my lesson!

  7. aiyoo... luckily ntg happen to u... hahahaha... suan u r very lucky jor lor :)