28 January 2011

1. WOKE UP LATE. Suppose to leave home at 7.20am but I woke up at 7.19am. Left 1 min to get ready?! SHYT Set 2 alarms 6.20am and 6.40am but I fall asleep after the first alarm.


2. Realize that I FORGOT TO BRING MY BAG after I leave home about 10mins (halfway in LDP). How could this happen to me?! Everything is inside my bag but I left it on the sofa. Force to go all the way back to take it.



3. NO PETROL. Take risk and drove all the way to college and back home. A total of 30km. Since there are 8 Liters in spare tank so it should be fine.


4. Try to use the alternative highway, NKVE. Hope can reach faster but end up stuck there and not moving. Pay toll for LONGER DISTANCE, JAM & WASTE TIME! SIGH!

5. College parking FULL! First time ever I park in Duplex after I be a Sunway student for 2 years. Have to walk damn far & up hill.

Car Park FULL 

6. My car got SCRATCHES!! PHUCK!!!! I don’t even know when it happened! I have to spend money to polish and wax it again. My money keep FLYing away.


FML x 10^9999999999

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