First Day in The Cat City (Kuching)

21 January 2011

Woke up at 4.30am to get ready and daddy send me to KLIA at 5am. It was crazy, I brought 3 luggage to Kuching! LoL But 1 is belongs to me and another 2 is what my cousin bought in KL last week and their luggage overweight. So yea, I help them to carry since I’m going Kuching few days after they leave KL. Btw, I went Kuching with 2 bloggers and a friend of a blogger!

Overall Firefly is a nice airline. Their pilot are experienced, he take-off and land smoothly. Very comfortable. Unlike “some” airline with terrible pilot.  =)

Was waking to the gate. It’s so freakin’ far and we left our identity card at the counter. Have to walk all the way back to get it. SIGH! Early at the morning and I feel so sleepy.  Zzz….

Suppose to depart at 7.20am but they delay until 7.30am.

Nice weather. =D

Reach Kuching around 9am and go for breakfast straight away.
Thanks for my 2 cousin brothers for picking me from airport!

Foochow mee (kampua mee). Love it MAX!


3 white cars at home. Toyota!

Headed to the town after I leave all the luggage in my aunty house.
The Big Cat!
It’s located at Jalan Padungan.

It’s me and my elder cousin brother.
Feel so “SAKAI”(another cousin brother keep calling me this when I was in Kuching) when taking photo next to the cat. It’s located next to the roundabout. Which means everyone keep staring at us. *swt*









Wisma Saberkas. It’s something like Low Yat in KL.

Hunt for Curry Chicken Rice after that!



SO YUMMY! Slurps….!!











Stay tune, more posts to go! =)