Study at Segi

Was busy preparing for exam on past few week. I was freaking stress cause’ I really hates theory a lot. 400 over pages of theory, what a nightmare? It might be easy for you but definitely not for me!

Anyway, exam is over! *BIG wide smile* I was laughing in the exam hall cause’ I know how to answer every single question! Thank god, it’s my best present for this year.

I’m having 3 weeks of holiday now. Gonna play hard now and study hard start from next semester. I learned my lesson. ACCA is not an easy course. I have to study consistently and not burn midnight oil on day before exam. I’m not suppose to play a fool & I have to be very SERIOUS. I want to graduate as soon as possible. I got my own plan. I don’t want any deviation from my plan! It’s my life, I have to be responsible.

Gonna share some photos that I took in Segi. By the way, I “camp” in that library for about 2 weeks. 2 outsiders just sneak in without anyone notice. A Sunway and a Tun Hussien Onn student but michyee is an ex-segi student!

Black jacket, black bag, black skirt & dark blue T-shirt with a white sport shoe is definitely not a good combination. But who cares? I was busy preparing for exam. It’s much more important isn’t it?

Michyee was busy studying for Pharmacy. STRESS-nya

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