Shape it

Was in KLCC on last Saturday to do a little shopping with mum and sister after church. Everything are having promotion now included branded stuff. Plan to hunt for some clothes but fail to do so cause’ it’s winter season most of the clothes are too warm to wear in Malaysia. Hawwwwttt!!

Visit my aunt in Isetan. She’s the manager of Lancome in KLCC. She complained about my eyebrown and she insist to shape it for me. *laughs* So yea, it’s thinner now and I love the curvy shape!

Didn't buy any clothes but bought some skincare and make up. =)

Btw, I just realize Pavilion parking fee is expensive than KLCC. SWT


After reshape my eyebrown. Looks fierce?

Be cool for today.
And again I miss my LONG HAIR!

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