Malacca Trip

16th November 2010

Sorry for late update. I delayed this post for a month. Lots of thing happen recently and I feel very depress due to certain reason. Everything just happen unexpectedly and I totally got no idea about how to face all these problems. Tell my friends about it is one of the best way to cool me down but certain thing is not suppose to tell others. It wont makes me feel better even I tell. So yea, decided to leave KL for a little while to chill.

Went Malacca to visit Amy Chew!

Went Jonker Street to hunt for delicious food and hang around.
Chicken rice ball.

Yours truly & Amy.
I looks terrible on that day. Took 4hours of sleep and speed all the way to Malacca. Pray hard for not getting any speed trap.

Bought it from Jonker Street. I bought few different design and fans but I gave all of them to my friends before I take any photo. So yea, just manage to show you guys the one I keep.

Handmade soap.

Famous curry laksa.


Head to Dataran Merdaka or Pahlawan (I couldn’t recall which shopping mall is it) to do a little shopping after that.

It’s the most delicious cake I ever tasted! Love it MAX!






We was in A’Famosa!
She bought the hat from Jonker Street!

The weather was damn freakin’ hot but I still wearing long sleeve cause’ I scare my skin turns darker! SIGH.

Stay tune for another 3 posts!

Looking forward to the next trip!

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