I’m officially 20 <3

It was 11th of December 2010, I’m officially 20 years old. Just had a simple birthday celebration this year due to everyone still having exam but it was AWESOME! Boyfriend bought a cake for me and we countdown together on 10th of December. It’s simple but sweet. Thanks for everything, love you! <3

Jayren do ask me to celebrate with him because he have his early birthday celebration right on my birthday but sorry I got my own plan already. Anyway, thanks for asking! =)

Gonna have another 2 belated birthday celebration this week. *grins*

A photo of me on my birthday. My eye was kinda red cause’ I was freaking tired. Hang around KL & PJ for the whole day. Motor show, Pavilion, The Curve and a movie after that. I was exhausted but I enjoy spending time with my boyfriend! <3


Lastly, I would like to thank everyone for sending me birthday wishes. Appreciate it MAX!

Happy Birthday! ♥
Teenage Dream by Katy Perry


  1. happy belated birthday! was busy for the past few days...

  2. tai ko lui lor... dun so naughty anymore! :P

  3. (Biopolymath) It's okay. Thanks. =)

    (Munkey) Old larh, not dai gor. Where got naughty?! lol

  4. wow ! Thanks for mention me ! haha . You are welcome ! =D