I abandon my blog again and again. My last post was a month ago. Such a long time man. I feel so sorry for my blog, it’s full with “spider web” and “dust”. It’s time to clean it and update a little about what I did recently, I guess? *wink*

A photo of me that I took yesterday to prove that I still ALIVE. LoL
It was after church and before heading to 1 Utama.

Don’t really like to take photo recently. That’s one of the reason I abandon my blog. Another reason would be I need more privacy. Stalker are all around and they are scary. Lots of things happened recently. Everything seems complicated and I feel a little lose control of my emotions. I feel miserable and insecure sometimes but everything is fine after all. I’m cool. No biggie. =)

I’m having study break right now and it’s freaking long. My exam falls on 10th of December which is day before my birthday. Isn’t it cool? LoL And it’s 8th of November now, which means I got more than a month to my exam. So I decided to work instead of wasting time here. I found a data entry job at KL last month but my mum insist me not to work in KL. She said it’s dangerous. But…. Why is it dangerous? No idea. She just want me to stay at home, I guess? 

Gosh, so what can I do? Keep study until exam? Definitely no, still not in the mood yet. Travel? No, everyone is busy and impossible that I travel during study break. So yea, hang around PJ and KL everyday. Suppose to be damn freaking free but NO. My schedule are full always since the day I start my study break. Damn it! I just rest less than 5days so far. My schedule will be full for next week for sure before this week ends. *sigh* Hang out = waste of money.

I’m kinda bored with PJ and KL recently (Bored with it doesn't means I hate it. I <3 this city but I wanna try something new. I wanna explore and experience something different.). Nope, It should be long long time ago. Hope someone could travel around with me. I wanna go Japan so badly! Anyway, I’m going Malacca on next Tuesday to find my best friend. *smile*

Okay, cut it short. Gonna post some photo here. I’m LAZY and I’m a PIG! =)

Received this letter two weeks ago. My first summons for speeding, deduct 6marks. It’s my car but I’m not the one who driving that time! It should be my dad, he drove my car to Alor Setar.

The speed limit is 90kmph and my dad was driving at 113kmph.
OMG, 90kmph! Who gonna drive that slow?

Late for renew road tax. As you can see the expire date for the road tax is 27th of September but I renew it on 24th of October. Almost late for a month. Luckily I didn't get any summon or road block.
DSC05984 DSC05985

Photo of Chubby. Love to bring him out to walk around recently. <3
My CottonCandyIMG_1087


Still got some photo in my camera but I’m lazy to transfer now. Will try to update more frequent. Bye!


  1. Wow , i'm the first one to comment ! Hurray ! =p Wah , one month to exam ,somemore exam before your birthday ! coolness ! My last day of exam also on 10 dec ! That's mean we holiday at the same time . lol Start study lo . =p haha , tell u what , 90km/h is not slow lo, MRR2 speed limit is 80 km/h . =0 They imagine us to drive like turtle and kena horn . lmao . And you geng lo, expire 2 month only change roadtax. *claps* =P . And your dog is cute . =D

  2. girl!!your road tax expire on my 19th birthday!!hahahaha..

  3. (Jayren) Nobody gonna drive that slow man! 1 mth + few days.. Where got 2mths? SWT Thanks! LoL

    (Rachel) LOL call me PRO! XD

  4. Not even 1 month lo . =p Hahaha! I wont drive that slow la . lol You are welcome ! =D

  5. celebrate birthday b4