New hair style & New wishlist

Okay, I gonna update lil’ about myself before I blog about my new wishlist. *GRINS*
Notice any difference? Red clothes? Nope, I know I hardly wear red striking colour clothes but it’s not the main point. It’s about my HAIR! I chopped off 3inch(about 10cm). Feel so sad about it but I got no choice cause’ I digital perm twice & dye 3 times in a year. Can you imagine how much damage causes to my hair? Lots of split ends & it’s getting worst. Should have cut earlier so that I don’t have to cut so much. I was reluctant to cut cause’ I love long hair so much and it almost reach my waist but now…. Anyway, gonna do more hair treatment so that my hair could grow faster & keep it healthy. I wanna keep it LONG & STRAIGHT! <3



I fell in love with Sony camera AGAIN. I own an album T now, but it’s the previous version. Fat and bulky. The main thing is it don’t have WIDE LENS! Which means I couldn’t take self portrait myself. That’s why I still bring my sony ericsson around even I’m using iPhone and own a camera. SIGH!

 Cyber-shot Album T (T2)Cyber-shot Album T (T2) White

So yea, gonna aim for this camera now! Might get it after CNY? Depends on how much angpau money I get. *GRINS* I love this limited edition design. Any idea about where is selling this? Or else I gonna get black colour. Then everything is BLACK! My car, phones, laptop, bag, pencil case, purse, etc… EVERYTHING is black in colour! Isn’t it too dull? =(

Reasons that I love this camera:
1. Pix outcome colors
2. Anti-Shake
3. Flash
4. Wide lens
5. CCD image sensor




Sony Cyber-shot DSC-T99


  1. what a coincidence!

    I'm looking at Sony Cybershot T series too! Still comparing the Sony Cybershot Tx9 and T99...

  2. Hi Pennie...i came across ur blog when i was searching for dis limited edition photo..i bought the exact gold camera ady last friday at the pc fair..cost me rm1,099...but i think if u buy it online, u might get disc at certain website..honestly, i fall hard for dis camera the minute i put my hand on this beauty =) must get one urself...!!

  3. Used to be sony fans
    but then change flavor to Panasonic and canon

    but this one kinda a little bulky