Go Round & Round

Short update….!

A photo that I took in A’Famosa, Malacca.

Went Malacca to find one of my best friend Amy on Tuesday(16th of November). I drove there and I guess I gonna get few speed trap. SIGH I just took less than 1 and half hour to reach Malacca from KL. Anyway, I enjoy the trip a lot and will blog about it soon! =D

Went for shopping on the next day. It’s tiring but I enjoy spending time with my bf. <3

Was in Seremban this morning and I was sleeping for the whole trip. Tired MAX!


Stay tune, gonna update about the details soon! *wink*

Just go with the flow.
Everything gonna be okay even it’s end of the world.


  1. walao, u really drive super fast lo ! hahaha . And the photo is nice . U look nice with the dress ! =D

  2. Thank you. Hehe Btw, din't yumcha with you for such a long time ady. LoL

  3. Your photo very nice, i like it...hehe^^

  4. crazy... drive so fast cari pasal only loh... haha... i go buy Honda Civic Hybrid ah... but cannot drive fast fast... lol~ I must be dreaming! :P

  5. (Namako) Thanks for your compliment. =)

    (Henry) Tak ada pasal. LOL Go green? It's not a dream! You can achieve it! =D

  6. yalar... go green but actually an excuse to get lower petrol consumption... now its under 100k... how i wish i have 10k extra in my bank and 5k salary every month... hahahaha!