I guess quite a lot of girls face the same problem with me. Someone create FB account by using your photo. I totally got no idea about why they wanna do that. What’s the problem with using their own photo? Sigh.

There are few people PM me about someone is faking me on past few months but I couldn’t find anyone named “Sabby Cee” so I just ignore it. But there’s another girl post it on my wall again. So yea, I try to use my sister’s account to search for her and I found it! She’s clever, she blocked my account so that I wont be able to find her.


New Picture New Picture (6) New Picture (7)New Picture (8) 

The result will be like this if I search by using my account.
New Picture (1)

New Picture (9)She got 23 likes, but I got 14 only. SIGH!
New Picture (10) 

New Picture (11) New Picture (12)

New Picture (13)DSC01055 Singapore? I was in TAIPING with my friends.
New Picture (14) New Picture (15)  Sentosa? LOL I was in Taiping Lake Garden.
New Picture (16)

New Picture (17)Since when I have a husband?
New Picture (18)

New Picture (19) New car? Nope, I drove it for months ady.
Since when it became yours? It’s register under my name.
New Picture (20)

New Picture (21)I never eat Spearmint before. Blackcurrant is not my favourite.
My favourite is Blackchill which you couldn’t get in Malaysia
and I eat WinterFrost normally.

New Picture (22) What do you mean by single AGAIN? HELLO! The last time I broke up was last year and I still haven’t couple with my current bf on Aug 12.
What a JOKE.
New Picture (23)

New Picture (24)It’s FullHouse at Giza Kota Damansara.
Please be logic. Since when people house got such a BIG fire extinguisher?
New Picture (25)

New Picture (2) I was there and I go for Katy Perry!
New Picture (3)New Picture (4)  I get 2 xpax numbers just to get the tickets.
New Picture (5) 

FB removed or she deleted her account I guess?
I couldn’t search for the account anymore.
Thanks for those who help me report her. =)


  1. I have this problem as well! And that fellow (I don't know guy or girl) sent me Facebook msg and asked me why I impersonating him/her? Totally wtf right!
    Btw, I can't stop laughing when I read the Facebook comments, that girl got good imagination! Taiping can become Sentosa! :P

  2. That's funny! The faker dare to msg you? OMFG. I got no comment. LOLS
    Exactly, that girl have good imagination. She can twist and turn everything to her own story by using my photo. Sigh!

  3. wow!! that girl really...*goyang kepala* anyway good that she's been reported! ^ ^