A day in KL

Sorry for abandon my blog again and again. The last time I update about myself was about a month ago I guess. Lot’s of outings but I’m not in the mood to take photo and blog about it. The main reason is I’M LAZY and I gotta admit it. *laughs*

Btw, lots of things happen recently. My life have a small changes(Maybe big changes?). But still I love my current lifestyle. Everything consider going smoothly. *smile*

An important news. I fail 1 paper which is management paper. GOSH! I’m darn boring now. Gonna stay for a semester just for a paper. Yes, which means I just have to study for ONE paper until December. I didn't expect that I will fail this paper while I cleared all other papers. I wonder how I cleared those hard paper and fail an easy paper. I was blank when I was doing my costing paper  but surprisingly I passed. I don’t know I should be happy or sad. *speechless* Thank god that my family didn't nag me because I told them my highest mark was 81 before they start to nag. But still I feel guilt about it….

Okay, back to the point. I went KL to meet Yvonne Seow on Monday! She’s one of my best friend when I was doing foundation. She come back from UK for semester break 3 months ago but we was too busy and got no chance to meet each other.  Time flies, the last time I met her was one year back. So yea, both of us change a lot and she’s getting more pretty, mature and independent. =D

Headed to StarHill for lunch? But it was 3pm, it consider my breakfast + lunch + tea time. That’s my first meal on that day.

Yours truly & Yvonne Seow.DSC01368



  1. aiti. fail 1 paper. poor girl. suppose to grad edi now oh? cannot appeal oh?

  2. I start to fall in love with *WESTERN FOOD*. Enjoy the food so much. =P