Mamee Sllrrrp Moment

As I promised, I will share my mamee sllrrrp moment with you guys as soon as possible. So yea, here you are!

I’m kinda busy recently and I got no time to prepare lunch. Instant noodles will be the best way to solve my problem, I guess? =D

It’s time to cook MAMEE SLLRRRP!

Egg. Whoops cracked..

Crab stick!
Prawn, shrimp or whatever~ 
Cut it like this! 
I’m not gonna fried it due to my lazyness.
And another reason would be I hate oily food!
So yea, gonna cook it by using oven.
Fast and oil-free!
Cook it!

Few minutes later….
Tada! Done! It’s my lunch. *Slurps*




Gonna have more updates soon! =)