Digi Campus

I’ve been a Maxis postpaid user for years and I’m satisfied with the service. They are very efficient and wide coverage . Last year, my mum asked whether I wanna get an iPhone. Wow! Of course yes. But why don’t she offer me earlier. I just bought my W980 for less than 2mths before that. So yea, from that day onwards I start to carry 2 phones around.

I bought a Digi Prepaid number for iPhone and I change to Digi Campus recently!

What’s the advantages?
- Free SMS to all your Friends & Family number. (Even you got no credit at all!!)
- 100 FREE minutes (DiGi-DiGi) on a daily basis after RM2 daily total usage.
- Maximum of RM5 per day for Internet usage.
- Wont be expire until you reach 24 years old as long as you top up at least one year once.

Digi Campus
Digi Campus (2) 

  Free online on Wednesday!   IMG_0966

Maxis – Main line
Digi – Online
Celcom -  Just for MTV world stage! 


  1. yo babe... no more free internet on wednesday liaw.... i thought they stopped selling digicampus ady, i am using one... i just in love using it to call for free to other digi number after spending rm2 :)

  2. i used to have digi campus also. untill they chage the package thingy

  3. I will like that RM 5 internet per day.

  4. (Henry) I use digi for sms and online only. LoL I don't like to talk on phone.

    (John & Biopolymath) Ya! Last time the maximum charges for internet was RM30 per month but now they changed to RM15/week which means RM60 per month. =/