MTV World Stage Pass

8 more days to MTV World Stage! Did you get the pass?
Yeah, I get my pass! Woohoo!! It’s AWESOME man!
“I got a feeling, WOOHOO, that night gonna be a good good night! ”

MTV World Stage
MTV World Stage
Bunkface, Tokio Hotel, Wonder Girls and Katy Perry.
MTV_World_Stage_ArtistsBunkface, Tokio Hotel, Wonder Girls and Katy Perry

There are few ways to get it:

1) Search for the BEE or JUNIOR.
junior n bee 
My friends tried for few weeks but get nothing.
It’s depends on your luck.
Anyway, it’s ended!
They gave out all the tickets already.

Fly.FM is giving out MTV World Stage passes. Besides that they will also be giving away the chance to meet Katy Perry in person! WOW!!

3) Get a UOX number and top up a minimum of RM50
(This is how i get the passes!)

Step 1: Buy a UOX number from Celcom.
(UOX user may skip this step)
It’s takes about 30mins to activate the sim card.
Don’t worry, they will send you a msg after the sim card is activated.

Step 2: It’s come with RM10 reload card.
So yea, TOP UP!

Step 3: Send “MTV” to 28881 
MTV Msg (2)
Make sure you get this msg before you proceed to Step 4!
Or else you wont be able to get the tickets!

Step 4: Top up at least RM50.

Step 5: Receive the msg & redeem the ticket asap!
It’s located on TTDI above 7-11!

The MAP.MTV World Stage 2010 Map

Collection? LOL
Actually I’m helping my friends to get the tickets
and all these are spare phones!  

Looking forward to
MTV World Stage on 31 July 2010!!



  1. wow..a lot of phone there...congratulation to u....

  2. (Snowy) Thanks. =)

    (JayLeo) Nope! I need more pass for my friends. LOL

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    Is this possible?