Hunt for Cheap Food

I’m living on a tight budget right now. I have very limited recourses but unlimited wants. GOSH! I almost finish my allowance for this month. No joke, I’m freaking serious. From now on, no more shopping, movies, karaoke, Japanese food & Thai food. So yea, the best way is to stay and eat at home.

Headed to Cold Storage @ Ikano on Tuesday to hunt for cheap food!


Haa! It’s time to hunt for noodles!
It’s the best way to save money I guess!

Owh LOOK! Mamee Sllrrrp is having offer!
It suppose to be RM3.99 but it’s RM3.29 now!
AWW! I can safe more then!
They have a variety of choices! =D
Okay NEXT! Look for something to add into the instant noodles!

HAA! Sausage!

Wow! Crab stick! I didn't eat for years already! *Slurps*


Stay tune for the next post.
Gonna share some Mamee Sllrrrp moments with you guys! =D

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