FullHouse, Belated Birthday Celebration

FullHouse again and again! It’s our favourite restaurant ever. Not because of the food but the interior design. We love it so much! Our favourite branch is located at KL and we deicide to go there again soon. =D

FullHouse @ Sunway Giza 
Happy Birthday to my BFF Michelle Yee!
She’s officially 20 years old! Yay!

Your blogger was kinda blur.

Favourite photo of the day!

Michyee & Pennieyensun. 
The Menu.
Jasmine Tea.

The Decoration and Interior Design.
FullHouse Interior Design
Cute arts! 

FullHouse Arts

FullHouse Fridge FullHouse Cup2 FullHouse Cups FullHouse Cute Stuff FullHouse Cute Stuff2
Look how near is the merce!! *HEART ATTACK*


  1. How did you make the straw into love shape one ? LOL

  2. You should ask the waiter then! LOL

  3. Wow, that place looks awesome!! :)

    Happy birthday to your friend. :)

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