Streamyx Cool Uni Pack: The Process

It’s a very LONG process to get the internet connection and netbook from TMNet. I guess most of them who apply this package experienced this as well. And now, I’m here to share with you guys what actually happened to me.

First, I went TM Point to apply for the Cool Uni Pack Package on 8th of April. They told me that I have to terminate my Streamyx line first and wait for at least 14days to 30days for the new connection. I asked the TM staff is there any other option instead of cancel my Streamyx and wait for a month, she said okay. I wonder what she mean okay? I repeated my question and she answered okay again. *Smack forehead* She don’t understand what am I asking, I guess. Fine, since she didn't answer my question I just leave after I complete the application with the Termination Confirmation Slip and Carbon Copy of the Streamyx Cool Uni Pack Application Form. They suppose to terminate on 9th but they terminate on 14th of April.


Few days later, my friend told me that I can actually apply another phone line so I just have to wait for 2 weeks instead of a month! WTH? So I went TM Point again to ask whether I can cancel the application and apply for a new phone line? But they insist me not to do that because it will make the process more complicated, BLAH and told me that they can’t do anything and all I can do is to WAIT.

They promised it will be maximum a month from the termination date but I still dint get any calls from TMNet after a month. So yea, I went Kota Damansara TM Point for the third time and AGAIN they told me that they CAN’T DO ANYTHING! TERRIBLE! And my sister suggest me to go TM Point that located in Damansara Utama. I’m pretty satisfied with DU TMNet's receptionist because they emailed my details and everything to HQ immediately when I was there so I could get my connection as soon as possible. Whereas KD staff just give me a reply "There’s NOTHING we can do".

I received a phone call from the technician on the day after to make appointment with me. Finally the technician is here but unfortunately, he told me that my area can’t support 4mbps and maximum 2mbps only but before this the TM staff said can! The technician suggest me not to subscribe for 2mbps because it couldn't go up to that speed but 1mbps can go more than that. *OMFG* My previous line was 1mbps as well, which means I waited a month for nothing. He gave me a report and ask me send it to TM Point. That’s the 5th time I go TM Point because of Cool Uni Pack! *RAWR!* It’s a waste of my TIME, PETROL & PARKING FEE! Those who familiar with PJ area knows that DU is such a busy area. It’s very hard to find parking there, so there’s 2 option. It’s either you double park or park at the road side and get SUMMONS.

Finally, I get my connection on 5 days later which is 26th of May. Before the technician leave, he told me that I have to wait another 4 days for the Netbook. As what I expected they gonne delay again. And yea, I get the netbook on 9th of June.

In summarised, to get all these things done you have to wait for 2 MONTHS! 



The HP Netbook.
I decided to give it to my sister since I don’t need it. =)



  1. hmmm... seems like it is a good deal but the waiting list is just too long. My boss wanted to get the unifi package for the office but too bad its not available at kota damansara yet... it's nice to be able to link everything together under 1 roof :)

  2. Owh? You work at Kota Damansara? LOL

  3. the netbook strong performance?

  4. Nope. Very basic! But it's FREE! =)

  5. I got it too. But I didn't open the box till now. It's like a month already. haha..

  6. hmm dont believe all the crap the TM people said..

    I went and applied last week the staff there told me that my area dont have sufficient ports to serve that many streamyx application and that i might have to wait 30~60days for my internet line to go active if i cut my current line.

    So by not giving a damn I applied and surprisingly the TM technician came 3 days after application. When i asked the technicians about what the staff said he told me not to listen to all the crap the staffs said and just ask them to get the application job done. It was a big LoL then.

    Nways im recieving my netbook tmr(almost 2 weeks after application). Whee hee~

  7. If i'm not mistaken, the quarantine period will be involve for those subscribers who want to terminate their streamyx; which will takes up to 14-30 days in the quarantine period before you proceed to any another new applications. Anyway, The HP netbook comes with 2 years warranty, i recommend you to comfirm the warranty through the HP official site, lot of user getting the 14months warranty instead of 24 months. good luck to you and it is fast for you to getting the netbook in 4 days only, normally it takes 14 of working day to deliver.