Prince of Persia

Headed to e@Curve(Cineleisure) on last Thursday to watch Prince of Persia. Thanks Jason for the invitation, his gang are very active on blogging and Nuffnang. I had no idea how they always get free tickets from Nuffnang. It’s the second time they invite me and the first time was KickAss. I was late due to the malfunction of the parking barrier. Because of that I cant meet other bloggers!! *sad* Anyway, I enjoy the movie a lot and the main actress is so freaking pretty!! X)

Price of Persia Poster
Price of Persia Poster (2)
Dagger of time.
Price of Persia the Dagger of Time
Price of Persia
Price of Persia (2)

Price of Persia (3)
Princess Tamina(Gemma Arterton)
Price of Persia (6) Price of Persia (7)Price of Persia (5)


  1. great picture..
    if that pic is U and Me.. ^_^