Having problem on view Chinese characters?

Are you having problem on viewing chinese characters on your PC or certain program? Example like PPStream and Thunder(Xunlei). It’s displaying something like this ¿áÎÒÒôÀֺРor full with question marks? Yes, I've been through this problem as well and I discovered a solution!

Before settings.
PPStream Unknown Characters
(Click to enlarge the screenshot)
Step 1: Control panel > “Change keyboards or other input methods”
(It’s under Clock, Language and Region)
New Picture (1) 
Step 2: Click on Administrative New Picture (3)
Step 3: Change Language for non-Unicode programs.
Click “Change system locale”
New Picture (4)
Step 4: Select “Chinese(Simplified, Singapore)”.
I tried to use Taiwan and PRC before, but it doesn't work well.
At the end I find out Chinese(Simplified, Singapore) is the best.
It can display every single word on PPS.
New Picture (5) 
Step 5: Click “OK” and restart comp. New Picture (7)
Alright! Your PC should be able to display Chinese characters now. Enjoy!! =) 
New Picture (8)


Hope it works for you!

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