FullHouse(Kuala Lumpur) & Pavilion

First of all I have to tell you guys that this post will be FULL OF PHOTOS!
So yea, please bear with me! =)

21 June 2010
I’m having semester break right now! Finally I can rest and catch up with my friends! Sorry for the late update, it’s due to too many outings. Yes, I went out every single day and it’s so tiring. Shopping, eat, sleep, drama, online. I’m kinda bored of the same daily routine. So yea, any other activities? Any suggestion?! =D

Alright, let’s go back to the topic!



Delicious food.
FullHouse Food 

Definitely a WRONG pose. ==”

Pennieyensun & Michyee.


I love this hat! 

LOL She was looking for clothes happily!

Lovely Lace (light) 

Some photos that I took in car when I was waiting for Michyee for half an hour in front of her house!

Lovely Lace (light)
Random photos taken in Pavilion!

Look!! It’s snowflake! My favourite!

I was very tired. Rest while waiting for the promoter take shoes for her.

*GRINS* That’s what we bought! XD


  1. i wanna try fullhouse too but they said the food there is not nice wor