Pet Grooming

I had abandoned my blog for quite some time due to no internet connection and I’m very busy nowadays. There are freaking a lot of outings and parties, I’m pretty exhausted. I feel extremely guilty because finals is around the corner but I haven’t start my revision yet! So yea, from now on the only thing I have to do is to focus on studies. Just another month to go and I’ll be enjoying my holidays! There will be plenty of trips and it’s my biggest motivation.

Alright, let’s talk about pet grooming. Chubby looked like a mess recently because I got no time to take care of it. I used to bath him myself and take my own sweet time to blow his fur using hair dryer until it’s fully dry. But now, I’m getting more and more busy compared to last time and I got no extra time at all. So yea, I decided to sent it for pet grooming!

Yours truly and Chubby.

Owh look! It’s to messy!

Chubby looked so nervous when he was inside the car.

Feel better after he sit on the cushion.
Sister =) 

Hey! There’s another black pom there!
After grooming, Chubby looked so tired.   

It’s Clowie! Have to shave all of her hair to 1cm soon
because she’s going to be a mummy. It’s a must to shave. =(

Isn’t she cute?





I’m not sure about what I want,
But I definitely know what I don’t like.

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