Wednesday – Pink Day

I had been chill for more than 2 weeks I guess? Keep meeting different friend everyday and keep BLAH BLAH BLAH~ As usual. LOL

Okay, back the to the point! It was Wednesday which is Pink Day! Meet Michyee after exam at Giza(new building in Dataran Sunway) to chill out and then we realised that it’s wednesday. BR had special promotion which is buy 1 free 1 for junior scope!

Wednesday = Pink Day!

Thanks Michyee for borrow me a pink pen!
Hmm yea.. I got nothing is pink in colour!! X)

That’s my favourite flavour! =)


O.O? idk what is she doing.

Look at my “cacat-ness”. Just finish exam LARH!




Jump, Jump, Jump!!
Run, Run, Run!!

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