Sunway University College Fire Drill

Received a message in the morning sent by a friend from a different course. He told me that sunway college gonna have a fire drill today. I was thinking, is it possible to have fire drill in a college/university? Thousands of student walk to the football field together? *Full of Question Mark* I thought he was joking or it was a rumor. But who knows that the fire alarm rang right before I finish class. I was shocked and replied him, “Serious shit ==””.

Few minutes later, an admin staff rushed into my classroom and ask everyone to leave with their belongings only. Why so serious? Its just a fire drill. Anyway, if it really happen do you think we will leave everything in the classroom and escape with our belongings only? Of course NO! LOL I packed everything and walk to the football field because it's just right opposite the season parking. I planned to sneak away but who knows they close the season parking gate. WTH Wasted my break time..

The “Giraffe” in my class? LOL

Look! They close the season parking gate!! 

I just clean my shoe on day before yesterday and it’s dirty now because the football field was kinda wet.
Sunway College block the front gate. So yea, JAM! 
Pick Su-woei and Kelly from the back door and headed to FullHouse @ Sunway Pyramid for lunch after that! *TeeHee*
Candid shot by kelly!

went back to college after that,
took a nap while waiting for class

End of the Day! =)

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