Streamyx Cool Uni Pack

Due to my application for the Streamyx Cool Uni Package, I wont be able to go online for a month. I have to unsubscribe the current line and apply for another line under my name. Its gonna be a LONG process (suppose to be an easy job but they just love to make it complicated). And my friend said, “Welcome to Malaysia!”. I guess you know what it means. LOLS

The main reason for me to apply the Uni pack is because of the 4mbps connection speed instead of the netbook. Since I'm paying RM88/mth for 1mbps why not I upgrade to 4mbps? Both of the packages are of the  same price but  Uni pack is faster by 3mbps!! Btw, I don't know what should I do to the netbook. SWT

Okay, back to the point. It’s fine for me live without internet for a month I guess? MOCK Exam is around the corner and I haven’t finish study yet or it should be I just started to study OMFG. Fine, nothing can distract me now and I could concentrate on studies! No FACEBOOK, No BLOG! ARGH! I CAN DO IT!! RAWR! X)


Went TMnet on Friday to apply Uni pack! 
Just 6 customers before my turn but I have waited for 2hours!!! WTH?

Gonna SQUEEZE everything into my BRIAN!! D=
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Streamyx Cool Uni Package (click to enlarge)Streamyx Cool Uni Package

F.A.Q (click to enlarge)
Streamyx Cool Uni Pack F.A.Q



Bye friends! Miss ya!
lovely angel




  1. wow!~ Really need to disconnect current line then only apply? wat the hell.... =(
    anyway link me up okay?
    will link you too!

  2. i'm interested!! this package come with the netbook as well! cool man! plus it's cheaper!

  3. unfortunately it's only for IPTS/IPTA!! college unable to register it?

  4. Sorry, I'm not sure about that. Try to call streamyx/tmnet customer service to ask for the details. =)

  5. Hi Pennie, nice blog!

    I came across your blog through Google search machine.

    Just so you know, Im just wanna apply for the UNI PACK.

    Im ACCA student, am I eligible to apply?

    Where to get the official Stamp from Sunway?

    I would be real appreaciate if you could help to answer my doubts.


    I can be reached at