23 April 2010

It’s 11.30pm right now, just come out from a hot warm bath and feel much more better. Pooff! I’m totally exhausted! Went for a movie at the afternoon in 1 Utama and headed to Sunway to meet another gang after that for dinner in SEREMBAN! Yes, we drive all the way to Seremban just for a dinner. Since there’s 2 cars and 1 mpv, just nice to fit all of us and I don't have to drive. *Evil Laugh* Finally I can rest, just let the guys do their job. Had some near death experience when we were on the way to Seremban. Due to some reason, I’m the one who drive back using my friend’s car. Such a good experience thou! It’s my first time to drive outstation! Thanks to the experience driver (Ivan) teach me how to spot speed track and I had learned 3 new highway!!

Looking forward to the trip to Malacca and beach(either pangkor, tioman, redang or sabah? X)  

On the way to Seremban.

Obviously, I’m acting COOL. LOL
Wonder why I post this photo?
Try to spot the name on the signboard. 
"LENGGENG” and my friends was saying “Leng bao geng!”.
WTF?! The place named “Lenggeng”!! LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLL
*We just cant stop laughing!!*
It was 9pm, everyone was busy eating included me!

Not much photo were taken due to our HUNGRYNESS and TIREDNESS!
Everyone was busy talking talking and talking!
Anyway, we had fun!! X)
Planning for the next “makan” trip.
Dim Sum~

Will blog more about what happen last week after I get my internet connection! RAWR!!

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