Outings and Movie Marathon

15 April 2010 (Thursday)

First of all, I gonna tell you that this will be a SUPER DUPER LONG POST. Please bear with me. It’s about season parking, outings with classmates and michyee at night! X)

I was late for class this morning because I overslept and faced with heavy traffic. Since I have a slot in season parking I don't have to worry about parking. Unfortunately, I can’t enter the season parking today. I guess you know why! Yes, I forget to pay for the season parking fee!! At 1st I thought it was system problem or whatever and then only I realize that I forget to pay the fee. I was supposed to pay 3days before 15th but I totally forget about it.  Silly me, should set reminder for the next payment incase I forget again.

It was 8.30am and the college parking lot is full. *expected* So I tried to ask the guard at the foyer whether I can park my car at the foyer for a little while pls? and he allowed!! *smile* Thanks Mr.Khairul(the friendly guard)! So yea, went straight to the financial department to settle the payment and I paid for few mths in 1 shot so I don't have to go there every month! 

Settled the payment in 5minutes.
There was nobody paying fees during that time.
Just have to get the ticket number and go in straight to the counter. 
Listening song while waiting for the admin activate the season parking pass.
What you waiting for? Try to listen to this song! Not bad thou! 
Eww.. My car is freaking dirty. Gotta wash it tmr.


Lesson learned. I have to be calm no matter what happen. Short tempered will cause the problem get even worst. Never screw people before you know the situation. If this case happen to me few mths back I guess I will go straight to the financial department to screw the admin.
I have to admit that I screw some people before I find out what is going on. I’m here to apologize about what I did. Hope you read this.



I was studying in library after class. 2hours later, received a call from my classmate and ask me to go pyramid for lunch! OMFG! Do you know how attractive is that offer? Even through we hang out with the whole gang(almost whole class) always but still I cant resist to go!! Coz it gonna be FUN and I love to spend time with my friend! X) Study plan 50%. ==” Dint take any group photo. Everyone was busy eating, shopping and watch movie. So yea, just took some photo with the girls!

The group: Me, Shupei, Wsin, HuiYing, WaiMay, Joanne, Ivan, ShenHsing, David.

Wsin & shupei


Went for a movie after that with the group + KheeHerng and Jackie. The movie was funny especially the taxi driver LOL! There was an AUDI R8 in the movie and they crash it. OMGG! It’s 1 of my dream car!! X)  

Date_Night_PosterAudi R8

Took this photo after the movie.
I was pretty exhausted but I have another outing later!!






Headed to e-curve(Cineleisure) after that to meet prawn! When I start my car engine the meter shows the temperature was 37!! Bloody hot!! *sweating*

Since Michyee was craving for Ice Kacang we went Little Penang Kafe to have some dessert before the movie. It’s located in The Walk, The Curve.  

My Cendol!!

Michyee’s Ice Kacang!



Ice Kacang Puppy Love


  After the movie! The walk @ The Curve.
The Walk.

Chill out at The Apartment. Both of us love the environment over there.

That’s me and Michyee(Prawn).
Best shopping kaki and cheong k makan kaki ever!
Used to cheong k always but Im pretty lazy nowadays.
So yea, change cheong k to movie!

I realize that we know each other for years but rarely take photo. I guess we are busy enjoying our time and have unlimited things to do! All her friends don’t believe that we were in the same class for a year! LOL But we are very close even we’re in college life now. During highschool, we used to wait for our parents fecth us to shopping centre. Time flies, both of us have our own car so we can go anywhere anytime! We are freaking busy recently. I’m taking accounting and she’s taking optometrist, our class starts early and end very late and freaking a lot of exam and test. But once we are free we will call up each other for dinner and of course SHOPPING especially during holiday. Btw, hope our HK Trip will be successful!! XD


That’s her new pinky camera.
But still I prefer her previous Sony camera.
Slim and Trendy.






Watched Kick Ass on last week at Cineleisure. It’s a special screening for Nuffnang Alpha Project 2? for bloggers only?! whatever LARH! Idk!! ==”
The movie going to launch on 17th of April but I watch on 2 weeks before the launching date. X)

Kick Ass





Gonna end this post with this!
My class photo drawings?! The big family LOL!
My classmate’s drawn this beside the attendance list.
Did ya spot me? XD

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