Just Another Day

31 March 2010

Whoops! Sorry that I post 3 photos of myself in 1 shot!
I don’t know which 1 should I choose!
I love all of them! *TeeHee*


When I was in Season Parking! =)
Season parking is very convenient for the student that come after 9am. There’s a parking slot for you no matter what time you reach! It’s very convenient for student that have long break like me as well! I can go in and out anytime!DSC01193 

Pennie & Jason. The classmate!


Perasan SHIT! He took his photo by using my phone
and set it as my wallpaper. *Speechless* REMOVE!!

It was a long day. Finished class about 7pm
and the season parking was empty!
Pick Keat and headed to Ikano for steamboat with Michyee!
It’s our favourite! =D
DSC01205Its me and Michyee! He drop the tissue into the soup LoL
*Slurps* I ♥ Steambaot!! XD 


Eat, Eat, Eat & EAT!!
Went Ikea to help my lecturer to buy something and we saw this!!
Members Benifits! Since Michyee own a Ikea credit card we decided to have a try!! =D

So yea, we get 2 coupons!
Free tea/coffee and Swedish offer of the day!

EAT again! OHHHH~ Look at my waist T.T

The Walk @ The Curve

After that come home and do homework!! =O

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