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06 Mar 2010 (Saturday)

Attended my mum's best friend's daughter wedding dinner last Saturday. The restaurant is located in Jalan Imbi, KL. They have 2 branches in KL, both located along Jalan Imbi and the name of the restaurants are Noble House and Noble Banquet. Supposingly the dinner is to be held in Noble Banquet, but my mum insisted it's in Nobel House because her best friend's son used to have his wedding dinner there.

Due to some complication and conflict of interest, I was pretty stressed out before the dinner! But nevertheless, we still arrived early despite the mix up. I sat down and chill out as i gaze upon the menu. I could hardly hold back my happiness as I saw my favorite food will be served! What is that you ask? pictures below! *EVIL LAUGH*

Favourite picture of the day.

WebcamPicture0486Me and my lovely sister =)Picture0489 Noble BanquetNoble BanquetNoble Banquet     My FAV!!!!




It’s my life, I do what I love to do!!

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