2 more paper to go! Good Luck eyeryone! =D

I keep “camp” in Starbucks to study alone these few days  because there are too my distraction at home and I couldn't concentrate. Computer, televisions, pets and phones! They like keep asking me not to study! ARGH! But I know it’s time to be serious. So yea, I decide to study outside. Library would be my 1st choice but sadly sunway college is kinda far from my house(30km). End up I decide to study in Starbucks! The environment is quiet enough for me to study. *TeeHee*

Java Chips!
Did you notice that I look different today?
Yea, without make-up. Looks pale.  
Favourite phones
Never think of changing phone anymore.
Sony & iPhone =)
 ipod (blue)
My friends say it’s my BoyFriend. LOLS




It’s my life I do what I wanna do.
I know what I want.
I never change.

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